My Hobbies

Old Time Radio

Put one of the old time radio shows on, close your eyes and go back to a time when life was easier, slower paced and less hectic.  A time before television where radio was the theater of your mind.

My Collection

have been collecting the OTR shows for a few years and currently have over 18,000 shows.  My collection ranges from:

The Lone Ranger

The Shadow

Fibber McGee and Mollie

Jack Benny Show

Boston Blackie

Gunsmoke (yep, it was on the radio before TV)

and many, many more detective, comedies, variety, westerns and suspense shows.

How do I listen to these shows?

Sometimes when I am working on my computer and I am tired of listening to music, I start one of the OTR shows.  I also transfer some OTR shows to my iPod and listen to them while I am walking or doing yard work.  They are good entertainment for road trips in the car or on your commute to work.

What is included on these OTR shows?

My collection has shows from the 1930's up to the 1960's.  The old ads are included and they are fun to listen to and compare the cost of things back then to today's prices.

How many shows can be burned to a CD?

If you want MP3 files, then approximately 70 30-minute shows can be burned to a CD.  However, these shows can only be played in MP3 compatible players.  If you want a CD that will play in boom boxes or car CD players that are not MP3 compatible, then one hour of programs can be burned to a CD.

Is this legal?

Since these shows are over 50 years old, they are in the public domain meaning that they are free to copy and distribute.

If you want a CD of these entertaining programs, send me an email click here and let me know which shows you would like and whether you want MP3 files or WAV files.  To cover my costs, each CD is $5.00