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I live in Texas where High School football is a staple on Friday nights during the season.  My wife and I have been following our hometown team for over 30 years.  We have seen them rise from a 3A school to the largest classification in Texas, 5A.  This year they won the Division 1 5A state championship when they beat Fort Bend Hightower at Reliant Stadium in Houston.  We are proud of our Allen Eagles.
During the season, this page will have photos, interviews with coaches, human interest stories, stats, schedules and whatever comes to mind.
Be sure to check back during the season.
In the mean time I am posting an interview with the Allen Head Coach, Tom Westerberg.

Tom Westerberg was selected Coach of the year by the Texas Sports Writers Association for the 2008 season.  This interview was conducted 2/16/2009

  1. First of all Coach, congratulations for being named the Coach of the Year.  You overcame some major obstacles last year.  Which obstacle was the biggest challenge for you and your staff?

 Coach Westerberg Refocusing on the little things to get better.  After the first round loss we changed our defense and went to work on our team chemistry.  Once we were in the playoffs this year the next biggest challenge was getting over the semi-final hump.

  1. The Eagles faced some very good individual players last year like Plano Senior High’s Rex Burkhead and Wylie’s Nikita Whitlock.  What kind of preparation do you and your coaching staff do to prepare the team for these players?

 Coach Westerberg We play some really good teams.  We don't focus on specific individuals in preparations.  Both of the kids you mentioned are great players but if you just concentrate on them their great teams will beat you.

  1. What do you ask your scouts to look for when scouting a future opponent?

Coach Westerberg Scouting is mainly about the game in general,  injuries and the flow of the game.  We trade so much video with each team that scouting doesn't play such a big factor.

  1. A lot of states like Ohio, Florida and California claim to have the best high school football programs in the nation.  How do you feel Texas compares to these states?

Coach Westerberg I feel like it is the best in the nation with the number of quality programs from top to bottom.  Those states may have a few good teams but not the number we have.

  1. Would you be open to traveling to these states to play?  If not, why?

 Coach Westerberg I don't think that traveling to another state is good.  The economy isn't doing very well and if we traveled some of our fans would have a hard time getting to the game.  We have so many good teams here in the metroplex we don't need to travel out of state to play a high quality team.

  1. You were on Coach Martin’s staff in 1999 when Garland beat Katy for the Division II title.  How does last season compare to that?

 Coach Westerberg  It is very different in being the head coach.  In '99 I was just concentrating on the offense while this year I had to concentrate on all the details.  This makes it so much better.  Also this is the first in Allen school history.  '99 was Garlands 4th I think.

  1. TSWA named you Coach of the Year, Matt Brown offensive player of the year and Nikita Whitlock the defensive player of the year.  Does that put to rest which district is the toughest in the state?

 Coach Westerberg I have always said that 8 5A is the toughest district in the state.  When our 3rd place team plays in the finals of the Div. II bracket it proves it.

 Thanks Coach for your time.  I really appreciate it. 


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